The FINMAT Sacco Social Welfare Program.

  • Registration fee of Ksh 200.Monthly contribution of Ksh 100.
  • Should be an active member for more than 3 months .
  • 6 next of kin members qualify


Financial education days are organized as often as possible to ensure you are informed of the development in the financial world

a) Open and voluntary membership

The society is open to all who wish to join. Members are free to withdraw their membership as long as they don’t have outstanding obligations with the society

b) Democratic Control

The members enjoy rights to vote and participate in decision making affecting the society through their elected delegates.

c) Non-discrimination

The spirit that reigns in our Sacco is one of unity and harmony.

d) Limited Interest on Capital

Interest paid on savings and shares is limited and in proportion to the interest charged on the loans

e) Proportional Distribution of Surplus

At the end of every year, the society distributes the surplus earned in proportion to the level of the savings

f) Co-operative Education

FINMAT Sacco pursues a policy of ensuring that the general membership is comprehensively educated on financial matters.

g) Co-operation among Co-operatives

The society is affiliated to other Co-operative organizations.

Corporate Governance

The society is managed by a management committee and supervisory committee elected at the Annual General Meeting